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Spain Telephones emergency services - assistance and protection

Therefore, going into the world of exciting travel and adventure in Spain,
emergency numbers you should know.

single number across Europe
 – emergency number is a number – 112.


091 - National Police number (policia Nacional)

092 - number of local municipal police (Policia Local, Policia Civil). Willingness to help, protect each is required and implicit condition for the police

061 - emergency medical number (Ambulancia)

062 - phone number for which you are applying when the accident happened outside the city. When you are all done without victims, and in a difficult situation all the issues are resolved on the basis of mutual consent of the drivers of vehicles that you will manage, complete and sign the act, obtained by the design of car insurance

085 - this number you call in case of fire

003 - reference telephone service in Spain

093 - Room service exact time

098 - reference service, where you can get traffic information and bus schedules, duty pharmacies addresses, and so on..

22-22-22 - number of the Red Cross organization in Spain (Sruz rojo)

34 (915) 567-112;  +34 (902) 012-141 - number of Spanish Confederation Phones